Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.
The tragic Covid-19 crisis has revealed our fragility, our community of shared human fate – wherever we live – and our capacity to free ourselves from political and financial dogma in the face of imminent danger. While we are threatened by other dangers - climate disruption, the collapse of biodiversity, social inequalities - #TheTimeHasCome for major cultural and structural changes.
Together, let’s ensure that these 100 principles and 5 proposals get heard.
Share them so that we can all understand that “The time has come”.

5 political proposals for a new world

These 5 proposals from the Nicolas Hulot Foundation lay out, for France and Europe, the first steps towards a new world.

The time has come for an inclusive Europe.
The time has come to finance the transition in local and regional entities.
The time has come to move from free trade to fair trade.
The time has come to onshore production in France and Europe.
The time has come to insist on quid-pro-quos in budget support.

Share these 100 principles.

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They also think the time has come

Nobel prize winners, scientists, philosophers, artists and economists the world over are launching an international call to say that "The time has come" to establish the cornerstones of a new world.

Our partners
Launched in 1990, the Nicolas Hulot Foundation is convinced that we must embark upon a transformation in our societies towards models that are based on preserving our natural heritage, equal access to resources, solidarity and the well-being of all human beings.
The foundation’s mission is to support this ecological and social transition by highlighting long-term solutions and by encouraging change in both individual and collective behaviour. Social justice, new responsible economic models and democracy are at the heart of all these actions.
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